Caves in Jellyfish 1

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Finally some progress in Jellyfish!

We made several dives with Pascal Bernabe further in Jellyfish 1, under the roof. Found bottom everytime from depth 99-130meters.

I continued our line and found beautiful tight cave dropping down from 25meters, but after some time it was too small for me, even I tried with only 1BO.

Second day me and Sebastien Lissarrague tried from other side of the pool, from very beginning, just down from the steps and found large tunnel, 3m wide going exactly right direction for connection between Jellyfish 1 and 3.

Previous day Bernad laid more line to Jellyfish 3, in depth 65meters. In Jellyfish 1 we went down to 81meters, against Bernad, but theres still no bottom, no connection YET :)

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Mercredi, 22 Octobre, 2014
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  • Seb ready for best dive in human history!
  • Benjamin, Sebastien, Theo, some tools in prosess..